Bali, August 4th - 7th, 2022



In recent years, the passion to dance Tango has reached an endemic scale in certain places in part of the Asia Pacific, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, China, New Zeeland as well as Australia. Increasingly, there is an enormous desire from tango lovers to seek deeper and deeper knowledge of this fascinating dance that has captivated their hearts. More and more classes, practices with the World Tango Maestros where they can pursue and hone their skills. Not only to be better dancers and experiencing dancing enjoyment, but more than that, it’s the insatiable appetite to achieve the best. Indonesia Championship Preliminaries serve not only as a venue for tango competitions, but also an event for tango lovers to express their desires to gain more tango knowledge. Therefor the additional program such as classes or workshops will be added in this event. We also will present the mixed cultures, traditional dance from Bali in collaboration with the tango dancers at the Gala dinner of the event. We know it is a challenging task for them, but nevertheless we would like to give the collaboration a chance.

After 10 years of being one of the organizers of prestigious and successful events in the global tango calendar, we finally have a chance to host  the 1st Indonesia Championship Preliminaries in Bali, Indonesia, on August 4th-7th, 2022. We would like to proudly announce the four world names of tango maestros/maestras to be in the judges panels : Analia Morales and Gabriel Ponce, Jorge Torres and Fernando Carrasco.


The Indonesia Championship Preliminaries (ICP), covers the competitors from many countries around Asia Pacific, such as Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, New Zeeland and Australia as well as Indonesia as the host. It is our dream event beside of organizing tango festival, which not only provide an International meeting place for tango lovers of certain level from throughout the world, where have a chance to compete with other tango lovers from different part of the world, as well as enjoying many beautiful and historical places in Bali to the full. In Bali, the beautiful island that is often named “The Last Paradise”, the tango community is thriving with passion. It is precisely with this in mind that grand event is to be held in Bali. 

The ultimate aim is to give another prestigious place of preliminary tango championship around Asia Pacific, and to find the best dancers in Indonesia Championship Preliminaries, representative in the World Tango Championship in Buenos Aires annually.